Correct price

Our shop is located near Zenko-ji Temple in Nagano Prefecture where the environment is good.


JONNOVI.ORG  members who are active in contemporary fashion culture.


We express our designs from Oku Shinano, Nagano Prefecture, which is low cost and environmentally friendly.


Our design is based on a relaxed silhouette and uplifting details.


Our products are good quality.

We decided to reduce the cost by not having the extra part at the time of the sale and not having a store just to expand the scale.


Currently, products are sold only on the website and in-house studio. In addition, small-scale production is possible by producing only at our own workshop in Nagano and our partner factories in Japan, and by eliminating inventory risk, it is not necessary to discount many times a year.


All selling prices of goods are 1.5 to 2 times the cost. This is an innovative thing because usual manufacturers are four to five times larger.


Our products can now be deployed to the market at new reasonable prices.